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Anybody who has read Alfred Lansing’s book Endurance has Ernest Shackleton’s voyage of survival indelibly printed on their memory. The crew survived a year on the ice, watched their ship crushed, fled to Elephant Island, sailed 800-miles in an open boat to South Georgia Island, and then crossed South Georgia’s glacier mountains by foot with no real climbing gear.

It is without a doubt one of the greatest seagoing and survival stories of all time. It’s also a nightmare to contemplate the living of it.

A group led by adventurist Tim Jarvis are reliving it. With the food, clothes, climbing equipment and vessel that Shackleton had. They’ve made it to South Georgia Island and are waiting out the weather before crossing the island. Website here.

Kurt Hoehne

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  1. Would love to see archive PDF issues on your site.

    1. Right–we do plan on getting the archive PDFs up, just haven’t gotten there yet. A lot yet to do here, and that’s one of the items. Thanks for the reminder.

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