The Slough Came Roaring Back

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The Seattle Watersports Kenwood Hydroplane Cup was a great event despite some uncooperative weather. A bit of history, a look toward the future and a community that understands its connection to the water. In the days leading up to the event a feeling started to develop that this would be a success, see here and here. Racing great Chip Hanauer (The Boat Guy) was on hand to call it and we can expect a video soon. Kudos to Gaul Culley and her team. If anyone was on hand for this and would like to add a little color, please comment below or send me a separate email. In the meantime, here are photos and a report from the Seattle Outboard Association:

Seattle Outboard Association’s April 5th return to the Samammish Slough drew support and cheers from many happy spectators and Kenmore residents at two locations, despite rainy, somewhat windy weather. In Log Boom Park they got a close up look at vintage race boats on display, including the Unlimited Miss Wahoo replica, and watched racing heats by J-Hydro racers. At the Kenmore boat ramp up the slough at 68th street Several classes of racing outboards and Tribal War Canoes ran off a series of demonstrations and fly-bys. Original intent was to race from the boat launch down the slough and across lake washington, then loop back at Log Boom Park. There was good protection from the wind in the Slough channel, but Lake Washington’s open water between the Slough mouth and the park was rough fron exposure to South wind coming up the length of the lake. All in all, a successful day, and with luck, care and effort perhaps a re-establishment of a historic and highly iconic racing event.

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