Road to Bali Schooner Awaits Rescue

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As she is now. Photo by Peter Marsh.

The Port of Astoria reports that a 60’ vintage wooden vessel currently named the Crazy Dane is now available to the right owner at a very reasonable cost. The owner has defaulted on his payments for onshore storage and the Port has confiscated the vessel. It is now hoping to find a new owner who can accept responsibility for this one-of-a-kind craft and save it from being cut up and the keel recycled.

Its last use was apparently as an offshore troller with a tall pilot house added, but its original configuration was as a schooner-rigged sailing yacht. It is reputed to have appeared in the 1952 movie “The Road to Bali” starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. (This escapist comedy was the sixth of the seven “Road to …..” movies and found the stars getting in and out of trouble with Dorothy Lamour while voyaging through the tropical islands from northern Australia to Bali.) The yacht was named Bali in the film, and carried that name for some years after.


As she was in the movie Road to Bali.

This vessel is a fine example of a traditional schooner yacht, constructed with massive wooden timbers, and is definitely worth restoring. Therefore, the Port of Astoria will sell it at a nominal price to anyone who is capable of maintaining it on shore or in the water. The Port is also willing to assist a new owner by waiving the costs of launching it or placing it on a trailer with the port’s Travelift.  The only stipulation is the buyer will have 72 hours to remove the vessel off port property once payment is received, unless other arrangements are made.

If you need additional information, please  Matt McGrath or Robert Evert at the Port of Astoria, #10 Pier 1, Suite 308, Astoria, OR 97103 Main: (503) 741-3300

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  1. I’m the previous owner – 1982 – 2004 – have some history on the boat if anyone needs more info. call me at 415-847-4327.

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