The Big 360 Duck

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Racing sailors will recognize this situation and cringe just a little. Non-racers and non-sailors may cringe a lot. This “cross” occurred early in the first leg of the Van Isle 360 Race. Excellent camera work by Mike Powell. See his work here. Boats involved Time Bandit (camera location, with skipper Bob Brunius) Flash (on starboard tack and Double Take (the big blue boat – wait for it, wait for it….)


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  1. Our first time in that situation was during Foulweather Bluff a few years ago. We were the camera boat, We were ducking Shoot the Moon, and we had another boat close to leeward. My (then) teenage daughter was driving. I “borrowed” the wheel for a few seconds during the duck. We weren’t going quite as fast as they were, but we were pretty close. Fun times.

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