25’ Full Cabin Life Proof Boat

25’ Full Cabin Life Proof Boat

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25 Full Cabin Life Proof Boat

Life Proof Boats by Inventech Marine Service (IMS) out of Bremerton, Washington has been designing and manufacturing eye-turning, vaguely Coast Guard-interceptor-style boats for a few years now. The trailerable 25-foot Full Cabin model is a good sample of what IMS is all about.

One look at the Full Cabin and you realize this boat isn’t messing around. The eye is immediately drawn to the IMS patented external buoyancy collar, an iconic Life Proof feature that should make the boat virtually unsinkable with about 15,000 pounds of redundant floation. Add to the equation the boat’s all-aluminum construction (Alloy 5086 H116), and you’ve got a battle tank on your hands. This boat was built to go fast with 350-horsepower of single-outboard oompf that pushes her along at a purported max speed of about 50 mph (about 43 knots). The boat also has welded aluminum self-bailing decks.

25 Full Cabin Life Proof Boat SpecsThe Full Cabin also features a large, fishing-oriented work deck, an enclosed cabin with seating for six, and a forward berth made for two adults. Shockwave S5 suspension seat bases are designed to keep crew comfortable in rough seas. A hatch between the V-berth and foredeck is a nice touch. With amenities like a diesel heater and optional sink, stove, and fridge, this build is all about rough-water utility. The many welded railings and standard deck grip material are wise safety features, especially if the skipper wants to go at fast speeds over rough waters like the boat is intended to do.

In an era where many builders are seeking to marry the frills of a cruising yacht with the functionality of a fishing platform, it’s almost refreshing to see a boat that is essentially the child of a military veteran and commercial fisherperson. If you want a head-turning, no-nonsense, bluewater fishing machine/weekender, the Life Proof 25’ Full Cabin beckons. Contact Inventech Marine Services for more details and pricing about their Life Proof Boats, and learn more at inventechmarine.com.

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Norris Comer is an award-winning writer and the former Managing Editor of Northwest Yachting magazine. He was raised in Portland, Oregon and got his BS in Marine Science at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL where he lived aboard a 1973 Catalina 27 before moving to Washington and an Albin Vega. He has worked as a commercial fisherman, wandered aimlessly around the world, studied oil spills, and was a contestant on the Norwegian reality TV show "Alt for Norge."

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