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Sailtime in Baltimore

SailTime customers enjoying a day out near Baltimore, Maryland.
Established 15 years ago, the program has now arrived in Seattle.


Boat sharing is becoming a more common trend within the recreational boating sphere, and the opening of the first SailTime Group LLC franchise by Peter Whiting, also a co-owner of Seattle Yachts, is proof.

Members of SailTime share the use of a professionally managed boat through the use of an online scheduling system, like many other boat share programs. A monthly membership fee covers the slip fees, maintenance, insurance, and operating costs. However, a unique element to SailTime is that “Owner Members” can essentially contribute their boat to the share pool to receive monthly income and additional membership benefits. For example, if members only seasonally use their his or her boat during the summer, they can, in a sense, rent out the boat to fellow members for a kickback. What’s more, SailTime is part of a significant network of sailing schools that are certified with American Sailing Association (ASA) and Royal Yachting Association (RYA) affiliates for those eager to become a pro.

“Bringing a SailTime franchise to Seattle made good business sense and will allow so many new enthusiasts to experience the majesty of Seattle’s sailing scene,” Whiting said in a press release. “SailTime pairs terrifically with the yacht dealership because of the opportunities to introduce locals through membership and offer a new income stream for boat owners who put their vessels in the program.”

SailTime has been in business for 15 years and has over 28 bases in North America and five bases in Australia. If interested, check out for more information. The Seattle franchise with Seattle Yachts is located at 7001 Seaview Ave NW, Suite 150, Seattle. More info is available at

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