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Nauti Padz // $115.00 – 130.00


Rough waters can be a thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience, but regardless of the excitement, exhaustion is a common side effect. Our legs and knees can’t always keep up with the constant chop of the waves. Rough seas or not, a painful night’s sleep is never in the agenda. After one and a half years of research and development by chemical engineers and manufacturing specialists, the NautiPad was created.

Designed for boaters and anglers in need of a little extra cushion comfort during their long and exhausting days (or nights) at the helm, the NautiPad’s high-density memory polyurethane pads eliminate shocks typically transferred from the boat through the body in rough conditions. With the help of replaceable pressure-sensitive adhesive, your pad stays in place even in rough seas.

Choose between two sizes (14” x 36” and 16” x 39”) and 15 unique designs. Colorful fish eyes and scales are popular design selections, adding a little color to your vessel. Or choose a more modest Shadow Gray Pad, Sea Foam Pad, or Sahara Pad. There’s even a few camo versions! All NautiPadz also come with a three-year limited warranty.

Small pads are $115 and large pads are just $15 more at $130. To see all their colors, patterns, and graphics, head to their website at

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