Lagoon Seventy 8 Motor Yacht

Lagoon Seventy 8 Motor Yacht

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Lagoon Seventy 8 Motor Yacht

The Lagoon Seventy 8 Motor Yacht, a luxury power catamaran and flagship of the Seventy 8 fleet, is the newest addition to the local market for the brand. This modern power cat is a no-expense spared cruising yacht made for large get-togethers or charters.

Immediately apparent is the generous amount of teak, a beautiful aesthetic that brightens the cockpit deck, transom skirt, side decks, and forward cockpit. The covered flybridge, with convertible-style hardtop, is also eye-catching, and the various layout options speak volumes about what this yacht is about: maximizing dining and entertainment spaces. One layout option for the flybridge includes a small hot tub.

The Seventy 8 is not shy about taking full-advantage of the additional space aboard thanks to its 36’1” beam (quite generous for a yacht 78’1” long), made possible because of the twin hulls. Construction methods vary depending on what part of the yacht you’re looking at. The deck is polyester resin infused on a balsa core, the hull and roof are vinyleseter resin infused on a balsa core, and the hull bottom and keels are solid-infused laminate. The deck is simply massive, made to accommodate proper lounge furniture.

Lagoon Seventy 8 SpecsBelow, the layout options include three-, four-, and five-cabin versions and various galley designs. The many options indicate that it’s unlikely that any two Seventy 8s will be exactly the same. One unique feature of one of the designs is the deployable lounge built into the hull that allows direct access to the outside from one of the berths.

All the space, versatile layout options, and modern flair should make the Lagoon Seventy 8 Motor Yacht into a top-notch entertainment platform, sought-after charter, or both. If interested, the 2019 iteration of the yacht is now offered by local dealer Marine Servicenter. Contact them for details and pricing options.

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