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Exposure RAW Head Torch // $164.00

Raw Head TorchThe last problem you want to have in rough waters is not being able to see what you’re doing. A standard flashlight takes up one of your hands, and while a headlamp may solve that problem, they tend not to be rugged enough to be relied upon. That’s why the people at Exposure Lights created the RAW Pro Head Torch, a lightweight yet heavy-duty headlamp designed especially for boaters and marine conditions.

The RAW Pro uses LEDs which can give off powerful red or white light with the click of a button. The head lamp can switch between an hour long, extremely bright 200 lumen setting to an energy-saving 2 lumen setting that can be sustained for up to 25 hours, and every setting in between. Choose between a red or white beam with the click of a button, and use the swivel clip to adjust the beam angle with one hand.

The RAW Pro also has a high-power strobe function for emergency signaling that can run for five hours. Fully charge your head lamp in 1.5 hours with the USB charge port, and wash the removable headband. Unclip the light from your headband to use as an inspection light. Best of all, the head lamp from Exposure is 100% waterproof with a rating of IPX8 to 6’ of depth, and shock proof up to a 15’ drop. The RAW Pro was meant for the sea, but works just as well mountain biking, hiking, or night kayaking. If you need a next-level light source that you can count on in tough conditions, check out the Exposure RAW Head Torch from exposurelights.com starting at $164.00.

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