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JMP Volvo Penta Replacement Pump // $420.00

JMP replacement PumpAlthough seawater pumps are meant to last a lifetime, life happens, and often at the most inconvenient time. It never hurts to have an extra pump on board. JMP Volvo Penta Replacement Pumps are the industry leaders in commercial and recreational vessels worldwide. 20 varying flexible impeller replacement cooling pumps are manufactured by JMP Marine for 150 engine models. Their flexibility and superior quality stands them apart from other competing products.

Engineered to deliver massive flow, the self-priming, JMP pumps use the company’s renowned flexible impellers made of a unique, wax-infused exclusive blend that resists salt, oil, extreme heat, and chemicals.

Each engine cooling pump replacement is manufactured in JMP Marine’s ISO 9001-certified factory cast from bronze and machined to exacting standards, ensuring 100 percent drop-in compatibility. Each is equipped with corrosion-resistant fittings, heat-resistant fiber gaskets, steel wear plates, and marine-grade, non-magnetic shafts. These pumps are also US Navy tested and approved. Order yours from $420.00 MSRP complete with a one-year warranty online at

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