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Breitling Exospace B55 Yachting // $7,685.00+

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Swiss watchmaker Breitling has introduced a new yachting watch, the Exospace B55 Yachting connected chronograph. The first series of Exospace B55s’ were chronographs for pilots that imagined the smartphone as an accessory for the watch. A series designed for racecar drivers and motor enthusiasts followed, and now Breitling is adding sea to their domain.

The Exospace B55 Yachting’s key feature is its ability to connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth. A dedicated app allows data transfer to change settings remotely; time zones, time settings, display preferences, and alarms can all be adjusted from your phone.

More traditional features include an electric tachymeter and chronograph that calculates 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds with accuracy to 1/100th of a second. The watch stores split times which can be read on the watch’s digital screen or a synced phone. A regatta countdown system has audio, visual, and vibrating alarm and the notched bidirectional rotating bezel can be adjusted to calculate wind direction and find the best regatta start line. If the countdown is stopped by a judge, it’s easy to resync the watch to a new countdown.

The B55 features a lightweight titanium case and either a titanium or rubber strap. The rechargeable quartz electric movement powers an analog and 12- or 24-hour digital display, all visible through a sapphire face with anti-reflective treatment.

The Breitling’s Exospace B55 Yachting watch looks about as high tech and classy as they come. You won’t find one of these at the local swap meet. Find out more at, starts from $7,685.00.

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