Stablilis Anti-Spill Wine Glasses

Avoid Spills at Sea

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Royal Stabilis Anti-Spill Wine Glasses

Stablilis Anti-Spill Wine Glasses

If your boat rolls just a little too much for standard wine glasses, but you hate the idea of drinking out of plastic glasses, enjoy spill-free wine from Royal Stabilis.

Standard wine glasses slip and slide around on the slick surfaces of a galley table, but a magnetic base on the bottom of the crystal glasses from Royal Stabilis attaches them to a ferritic stainless-steel pad. Silicon feet on the bottom of the pad create enough friction to keep it from sliding off the table. The magnets are calibrated just right to be strong enough to keep the glasses from sliding around or falling over, but light enough to be easily lifted off the pad.

The glasses in the set are made from crystal and reinforced with titanium, offering a classic appearance and high resistance to breakage. The boards and glasses are sold separately, but this allows you to customize your selection depending on the number of guests.

There’s no use crying over spilled wine, but there’s no need to spill wine in the first place. Find out more at, sold separately, $59.99 and $99.99.

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