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EdCC Canoe

When you are out cruising the Puget Sound this July, keep an eye out for a flotilla of Native canoes taking part in the Paddle to Puyallup. Edmonds Community College students will be taking part in this annual tradition from July 14 through August 5 following two weeks of classroom preparation and study.

The Learn and Serve Environmental Anthropology Field School, or LEAF, gives students an opportunity to participate in hands-on field work with local canoe families on the Paddle to Puyallup while earning college credit in a combination of courses in Human Ecology, Bioanthropology and/or Coast Salish Art.

Activities along the journey will include ethnobotany, wildlife tracking, museum visits, gift making, language instruction, singing, dancing, camp logistics, driving, traditional food preparation, riding in support boats, observing and participating in protocol, pulling in tribal canoes (when invited), and support of potlatch activities. For more information visit edcc.edu/leaf/ or contact Dr. Thomas Murphy at tmurphy@email.edcc.edu

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Greg Van Belle grew up sailing, cruising, and fishing Puget Sound. He lives in Seattle and teaches writing at Edmonds Community College. You can follow him on Twitter @gregvanbelle.

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