Greenline 39

Greenline 39

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Greenline 39

A Pacific Northwest boater can hardly be faulted for not knowing about Greenline Yachts, for the brand has yet to make major headway in the area. Now partnered with a local dealer, this Slovenian company may be poised to be an instant success in the area. Why? Hybrid diesel-electric motors. Essentially the Prius of the sea, Greenline Yachts seem to be finally bringing the technology that has been the dream of eco-, noise-, and fuel-conscious boaters to the mainstream. The Greenline 39 is a newer, mid-sized addition to the fleet that’s a good example of what the brand offers.

The guts of a Greenline is where the line truly breaks new ground, where a super-sized battery bank is paired with a diesel-electric engine to offer the best of both worlds. On the 39, the standard AGM battery bank packs a battery capacity of 7.2 kWh, while the lithium-phosphate battery option has a 11.5 kWh capacity. The battery bank is charged one of three ways: shore power (when docked), a standard cabintop roof of solar panels (when anchored), or via the diesel drive (when underway).

Greenline 39 SpecsThanks to this design, the skipper can cruise in either electric or diesel mode when desired. Each cruising method has its pros and cons. For the 39, burning diesel yields better performance and range, reportedly max speeds of 18 or 25 knots (depending on engine option, 220 vs. 370 horsepower) and a range of 1,000 nautical miles at 7 knots. Cruising in electric mode yields a modest 6-knot max speed and 4-knot cruising speed, but only about 20 nautical miles of range; it burns no fuel and is nearly silent. It’s easy to imagine burning fuel up to the San Juans and then poking around in electric mode between ports or anchorages.

We’re eager to hop aboard one for a proper look, for this kind of technology is in high demand. If the Greenline 39 or the line in general have caught your eye, you can contact the local dealer, Ocean Trawler Yachts.

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Norris Comer is an award-winning writer and the former Managing Editor of Northwest Yachting magazine. He was raised in Portland, Oregon and got his BS in Marine Science at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL where he lived aboard a 1973 Catalina 27 before moving to Washington and an Albin Vega. He has worked as a commercial fisherman, wandered aimlessly around the world, studied oil spills, and was a contestant on the Norwegian reality TV show "Alt for Norge."

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