Bremerton, Next Stop for American Cruise Line?

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American ConstellationAfter American Cruise Lines unexpectedly moored American Constellation at Bremerton Marina at two different times due to last-minute schedule changes this fall, the line is considering incorporating the port into its spring 2019 itinerary as a regular destination. The cruise ship is the largest private vessel to have ever visited the Port of Bremerton’s docks.

American Constellation was originally meant to moor in Olympia, Washington, on both visits, but American Cruise Lines made last minute changes in its ten-day Puget Sound Cruise itinerary to make port at Bremerton Marina instead. On her first visit on September 22, she brought along 134 passengers and 30 crew members, and upon the ship’s short-notice return on October 10, passengers and crew were given a warm welcome when she made port.

Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler, Port CEO Jim Rothlin, Port Commissioners Larry Stokes and Cary Bozeman, and USS Turner Joy representatives provided passengers with information upon their arrival and waved from the dock as they disembarked the vessel. Partakers enjoyed the tours of the USS Turner Joy, the Naval History Museum, and downtown Bremerton attractions.

Port Commissioner Cary Bozeman could see a future in the cruise industry for Bremerton. He explains, “It certainly appears the Bremerton Marina has the opportunity to be a port of call for small cruise ships touring Puget Sound.” He continues, “This will be good for the economy of downtown Bremerton.”

The addition of the cruise line is not the only positive for Bremerton, which has invested heavily in its waterfront in the past decade. The iconic annual Trawlerfest motoryacht boat show moved from Anacortes to Bremerton in 2017.

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