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KingFisher BoatsKingFisher Boats, based in Vernon, British Columbia, recently announced an expansion of their sportfishing boat manufacturing facilities and workforce. Their goal is to meet the increasing needs of those who love fishing, exploring, and the adventure of it all, explains Mark Delaney, director of sales and marketing at KingFisher.

During this period of growth, Delaney also notes in an article by Global News that they plan to move to building bigger boats to “add the family feature while retaining the core fishing features that are critically important to our buyers.”

KingFisher has 34 welded designs and builds that can be found from California to Alaska and all the way across to Newfoundland. This 150-employee company hopes to add 15 additional workers in the near future, but the question still remains: how did they accomplish this expansion? KingFisher attributes some of their success to a stable housing market, strong consumer confidence, growing disposable income and consumer spending, and low interest rates among other economic indicators that are working in their favor.

“Enriching lives by spending time on the water is what we’re all about,” explains Delaney

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