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San Juan Island Sea Salt

San Juan Sea Salt

Are you ready for the ultimate in local flavor? While many cruise and enjoy the waters of the San Juan Islands, few have tasted the natural sea salt from those waters on a delicious meal. San Juan Island Sea Salt is a local company that makes sea salt from water right out of the Salish Sea. Many sea salt manufacturers boil sea water to produce their product, but this takes energy; it can take 2 pounds of fuel to produce 1 pound of salt. The salt from San Juan Island Sea Salt is made using the most energy-efficient method possible, the power of the sun. Using green houses, beds of sea water are evaporated, leaving only salt crystals behind. The large crystals are hand harvested, processed, and ground down to edible size.

Standard table salts are 99 percent pure sodium chloride, but the salts from San Juan Island Sea Salt are made from completely evaporated sea water, making the salt about 85 percent sodium chloride and preserving the naturally occurring mineral content of sea water. The trace minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, make the salt more flavorful than store-bought salt. Choose from a variety of flavors like natural salt, smoked salt, popcorn blend, lemon pepper, taco, and more. If you’re dinners could use a little something, grab some local salt from sanjuanislandseasalt.com; jars start at $5.

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