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Rusty BoatFishermen, boaters, and marine professionals everywhere, consider joining Washington Sea Grant on February 2 for a hands-on Marine Corrosion Prevention Workshop in Port Townsend. Electrical, corrosion, and systems expert Kevin Ritz will explain how to take care of five different metals, how to test for corrosion, the advantages and disadvantages of anodes, how to conduct wood damage analysis from too much zinc, how to coat propellers and prop shafts, and more.

Washington Sea Grant is accepting only 15 students for the workshop on February 2 from 0900 hours to 1600 hours and registration is required, so give Sarah Fisken a call at (206) 543-1225 or email to save your spot! The Marine Corrosion Prevention Workshop costs $60 and the class will be held in the Northwest Maritime Center.

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