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Race to AlaskaApplications for two unique Northwest races are now coming to a close; the Seventy48, a seventy-mile race to be completed with only human power, and the Race to Alaska, a 750-mile trek with only wind or human power. Applications for Seventy48 are due by April 15 and all applicants and their vessels must be approved by the race organizers.

If approved, you have until April 30 to officially register. Successful applicants will be proficient in navigations, first aid, trip planning, radio use, collision avoidance, and other skills. Head to if you’re curious.

Those interested in the R2AK also have until April 15 to apply. They, too, must be approved by race organizers; this is extra important due to the distance of the race and the creative vessels that racers attempt to sail to Alaska. If you’re interested in the Race to Alaska, head to for more information. Good luck!

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