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Center for Wooden BoatsFor young girls interested in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and boats, you won’t want to miss the Frog Prints E! STEM and Sailing camps, held in collaboration with the Center for Wooden Boats. The spring session will teach these girls how to sail in an 8-foot El Toro the first week, followed by a week of building, testing, and launching underwater robots in South Lake Union the second week. They’ll learn to apply buoyancy, displacement, trim, ballast, and wind and currents
both while sailing and designing their
robot. In this all-in-one class, students will combine sailing and robotic hands-on-experiments with ocean exploration in the heart of Puget Sound.

Up to 12 middle school girls, ages 10-14 in grades 6-8, are eligible to attend. It’ll take place April 27 through June 8 and costs $630 per person. A minimum of six enrolled students are required to avoid program cancellation. To register your child, visit If summer is better equipped to accommodate your schedule, or you want to keep your daughter busy while you’re at work, a class also runs from August 12 to 23, Monday through Friday for $970. Financial aid and scholarships are also available. Visit to find out more.

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