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New U.S. Coast Guard
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two cutters side by sideThe Coast Guard Foundation recently announced the addition of six new members to their Board of Directors and Trustees and a new vice-chair and secretary. The Coast Guard Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the well-being of all Coast Guard members and their families. The foundation was started in 1969 by Coast Guard veterans who served during World War II. Seeing that the Coast Guard Academy’s budget wasn’t covering all its operating costs, they started the foundation to make up the difference.

Today, the foundation assists Coast Guard service members in the form of education programs, scholarships, and morale-boosting programs. They also provide financial assistance to the families of Coast Guard members who are killed in the line of duty or who are displaced through natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. Tribute ceremonies are frequently organized to recognize outstanding service.

The six new members include Scott Cooper, John Doherty, John Parrott, Cory E. Quarles, Jeffrey R. Scholz, and Richard M. Symons. The new board members represent a wide range of backgrounds in the Coast Guard Reserves, the commercial world, and the merchant marines.

R. Christian Johnsen was named vice-chair of the board and Duncan C. Smith III was named secretary. Johnsen has been on the board since 1998 and is a managing partner of Jones Walker LLP, and Smith is a retired Rear Admiral in the Coast Guard Reserves.

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