Magma Econo Mate Bait and Filet Table

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Magma Econo Mate Bait and Filet Table

Magma Econo Mate Bait and Filet Table

“Wooohoo, reel her in!” your buddy yells as you snag a catch and your reel goes wild. The fight is over, and you have a delectable looking salmon at the end of your line, but the question remains: Where does one clean the prized catch?

The Magma Econo Mate Bait and Filet Table attaches to your vessel with a polyethylene mounting bracket and stainless steel push/pull pin for quick installment and filleting on the go. It’s touted as virtually indestructible as well as more practical and sanitary than your average wooden filet table. It’s also FDA approved for food prep and service.

The UV-stabilized, compression-molded, high-density polyethylene won’t crack, peel, mildew, or absorb bacteria or fish odors – it’s the perfect onboard fishing tool. When your catch is clean and you’re ready to take off, remove the table via the push/pull pin and fold flat for compact storage in tight spaces anywhere on your vessel.

The 12”x16” table comes with storage slots for your favorite filet knife and pliers as well as a full-length slotted back and side channels for drainage. It also boasts rounded corners for added safety when an unannounced wave knocks you around. Pick yours up today at Camping World for $57.99.

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