S’more to Love
Roastin’ Reel

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S’more to Love Roastin’ Reel

S’more to Love Roastin’ Reel

When you bait your hook and cast that line into the deep unknown, it’s a lot like roasting a s’more. Sliding that puffy marshmallow onto the fork, extending it into the fire, lifting your prize out of the blaze and fixing it up for a tasty treat. Ok, it’s a stretch, but the S’more to Love Roastin’ Reel channels those fishing vibes with its rotating reel handle to accomplish that evenly roasted golden toasted s’more.

The fork extends from 8 to 20 inches, so the food gets the flame instead of your hand. It also holds hot dogs, sausages, and more to satisfy all your fire roasted meal cravings. When you’ve had your fill, remove the fork from the reel and stick it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Snag your reel online at Camping World for $10.99.

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