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Allures 51.9What makes a sailboat a no-nonsense, bluewater cruiser? Of course, opinions differ, but one way to start is with a solid aluminum hull, which is hardly a common production sailboat design choice. Among this relatively small family of metal sailboat lines is Allures Yachts of France, which features a brand-new flagship, the Allures 51.9. Part of an evolutionary line that started with the Allures 51 and 52, this third-generation sailboat has the benefit of years of on-water feedback.

Allures 51.9 SpecsBesides the metal, what else makes the Allures 51.9 a go-anywhere, do-anything sailboat candidate? For one, the 51.9 features a centerboard design that can reduce the draft from 9’ 7” to 4’ 5”, making exploring those hidden coves much easier. The twin helms and rudders also add a level of control and redundancy that should be appreciated.

Two conspicuous aluminum arches are also aboard. The forward one keeps the boom track clear of the cockpit, while the aft arch is a mounting platform for electronics, dinghies, and the like. The twin self-furling foresail plan also seems like a rig meant to make sailing easy and provides some redundancy.

In addition to these hardcore bluewater features, there are a plethora of fun in the sun elements as well: the generous water access integrated into the transom, tons of deck space devoted for lounging, and a lavish interior. Two layouts are offered, both with three enclosed cabins but with two or three enclosed heads.

Allures Yachts seems to be making a statement with their 51.9, which will probably be on many serious cruisers’ shortlists this year. If you want that European cruiser luxury combined with an aluminum hull, it’ll be hard to beat. The Allures 51.9 is currently available from local dealer Swiftsure Yachts.

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Norris Comer is an award-winning writer and the former Managing Editor of Northwest Yachting magazine. He was raised in Portland, Oregon and got his BS in Marine Science at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL where he lived aboard a 1973 Catalina 27 before moving to Washington and an Albin Vega. He has worked as a commercial fisherman, wandered aimlessly around the world, studied oil spills, and was a contestant on the Norwegian reality TV show "Alt for Norge."

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