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Sharing stories over a couple of drinks goes hand in hand with boating. And when you’ve run out of good nautical stories to tell, why not share cocktail recipes instead! The Highball app from Studio Neat is a recipe sharing app devoted to cocktails; jot down your favorites and share with just your friends or share on social media. Recipes are displayed in “drink recipe card” format with bold, clear fonts, enticing color palette, and simple illustrated images. Some starter recipes come pre-loaded on the app, but you can start adding your own immediately.

Navigating the menus is intuitive, just push “Create New Drink” to add your own or download new recipes from the Library. Whenever you make a recipe, it is saved as an image and can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, or messaging apps. What are you waiting for? Download the Highball app, create a new cocktail, and start sharing it! Highball is free for iOS 11 or later.

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