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The PredictWind App is perfect for sailors who want to catch the optimal amount of wind the next time they’re on the water. The app takes advantage of proprietary marine weather forecasts models and data from 20,000 weather stations from around the world to deliver accurate wind predictions. More than just wind, the app can provide information on swell, rain, wind, air and water temperature, and cloud cover, all presented in table, map, and graph views.

All this data is presented in high-definition displays. With in-app purchases, users can unlock features like Weather Routing, which highlights the fastest route between two points using wind data, or the Departure Planner, which offers the best times to take off. There are two versions of the app, one known as PredictWind which is meant for inshore and coastal sailing, and PredictWind Offshore which is meant for use offshore. If you’re interested in adding another tool to your sailing gear, check out the PredictWind App, free with in-app purchases for Android and iOS 9.3 or later.

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