Zannaki Pill Organizer

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Zannaki Pill Organizer

Zannaki Pill Organizer

Just because you’re having fun out on the water doesn’t mean the daily necessities get pushed to the side; any medication you’re prescribed is a must, no matter where you are. The weekly pill organizer from Zannaki is a light, compact carrying case for medication perfect for extended adventures away from home. It’s made from a composite material utilizing environment friendly grain fiber. This material is free of plasticizer, heavy metals, and BPA.

Pill compartments are stacked on top of each other and can be easily pulled open when medication is needed, making it easy to use for those with arthritis. The pill organizer is covered in twist-on case that is water-resistant with an organic silicone ring in the center. The case will keep your medication from spilling if the pill organizer is dropped on the ground or jostled in a traveling bag. The seven round compartments have a 1.5” diameter and a depth of 0.5” and can hold from about 60 mini-pills to 5 large fish-oil size pills. If you’d like to know your medication is right at hand when you need it, check out the Zannaki Pill Organizer on Amazon. Organizers start at $15.

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