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New from Taco Marine is the Grand Slam 1,000 Electro-Hydraulic Outrigger Mount, an outrigger mount that can be operated from the helm of your boat. You’ll no longer have to leave the steering console or step out onto gunnels to adjust outriggers. The movement of the mount is powered by a 1,000 psi hydraulic pump routed through a micro-controlled manifold and valve assemblies. The GS-1,000’s microprocessor-controlled system can lift the mount between 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 75°.

The mount can handle outrigger poles up to 24 feet long, and for added safety, outward rotation can’t take place without the release of the locking mechanism at the control panel. The Grand Slam is ideal for dedicated fishing boats from 40 to 50 plus feet long, and with at least 3.5 inches of under-mount clearance. The GS-1,000 is installed flush with the top, meaning hydraulic wiring and lines are hidden and protected below the mount. A twist and lock mechanism makes it easy to remove or secure outrigger poles with just one hand.

If you’ve got some serious fishing to do and want an extra pair of hands to help, head over to tacomarine.com and take a look at the Grand Slam 1,000 Electro-Hydraulic Outrigger Mount, starting at about $9,500.

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