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PENN Spinfisher VI

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PENN Spinfisher VI

PENN Spinfisher VI

The Spinfisher VI is the sixth iteration in the line of spinning reels from Penn. Its ancestors stretch back to Penn’s first line of spinning reels in the early 1960s. Penn hopes the latest addition to the family will build on the strengths of previous generations and introduces a smaller 2500 size model. Up to this point, the 3500 had been the smallest size available, but demand from kayak fishers and those after smaller inland fish led to the development of the 2500. Sizes of reel now range from the 2500 all the way to a 10,500 with 50 pounds of maximum drag.

The body of the Spinfisher is sealed watertight so you don’t have to worry about salt or grit getting into the gears when you’re hit by a surprise wave or spray down your reel at the end of the day. The reels are all-metal and the gears are constructed with brass or aluminum, depending on the size. Even though the reel is sealed, it is easy to access the inner workings for occasional repair and maintenance. Penn states that an angler will get about 100 miles of casting from the Spinfisher before the reel is worn out. A line capacity ring allows you to see at a glance when you’re battling a fish and how much line is left; the spool is marked out in 1/3, 2/3, and full line rings. If you’re looking for a new spinning reel, checkout the latest in a long line at PENN Fishing. Models start at $139.

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