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Following the elections in early November, residents of Port Townsend, Washington, elected Pam Petranek as the new Port Commissioner. Petranek, who received 71.5 percent of 7,735 votes in the District 1 position to defeat Chuck Fauls, who finished with 28.6 percent, will be the first female commissioner of the Port of Port Townsend. The results will be finalized and made official on November 26.

Petranek, who has lived in Washington her whole life and Jefferson County since 2006, has made her living as a commercial fisherwoman, teacher, and sailing captain. She has acted as a secretary and board member for the Port Townsend Marine Trade Association and co-coordinated a 2018 Jefferson County Marine Trades Economic Impact Study to document the economic importance of waterfront marine trade businesses.

Petranek ran on a platform of financial accountability for the port, supporting the local marine business of Jefferson County, community access to shoreline and port services, environmental responsibility, and more transparency and public debate.

“Our campaign mission was about this unique place we live, our shared maritime culture, heritage, our environment, and living-wage jobs for this and future generations,” Petranek said in an interview with the Peninsula Daily News. “I had a strong and clear statement for why I’m running, along with a proven track record of community building and success with port issues.

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