2016 Washington Marine Parks Guide

Washington ParksApril is upon us and the residents of Washington State collectively inhale the fragrant breeze and eye clear skies. Skis end up in the garage and the boat is off to the yard for a bottom job. Cruising season is upon us and we grab the charts, eager for adventures with compass in hand.

Luckily for us, Washington State is loaded with dozens of public marine parks scattered across Puget Sound from the Narrows to Port Townsend. Some of the parks are in the center of the summer action while others provide a remote sanctuary where one can get away from it all.

We offer this general guide to aide you. Remember to be courteous with these special places. Maintain a no-wake speed in all harbors and moorage areas and don’t discharge bilge or human waste overboard, and we’ll all have a good time. The Golden Rule goes a long way.

Details about permitting and more can be found online at www.parks.state.wa.us.

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