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32′ Seasport Catamaran

32′ Seasport Catamaran
32′ Seasport Catamaran
There is a reason why people continue to order new from the factory, the SeaSport 3200 Pacific catamaran.

This Northwest WA state built model has a reputation for seaworthiness, comfort and quality. Many have described it as a boat that will be out when the monohulls are at the dock. This does not mean that you will want to be out during “small craft advisories,” but if you have to you will likely feel safer and more comfortable than comparable 32’ monohull boats. The hull design seems to compress air from bow to stern as the boat comes down on a wave, softening the landing like a shock absorber. The results in a more comfortable ride and safer feeling underway, even in bigger seas. Visually this can be noticed by the unique 3200 Pacific looking like a catamaran from the Bow but less so from the Stern.

The diesel stern drives are extremely responsive and are like new having been replaced for the 2015 boating season with just over 100 use hours of use. At its 3200 RPM cruise loaded, the SeaSport travels at approximately 24 MPH with a fuel burn of 10-11 gallons per side. The 3200 is a terrific family weekend boat with its well ventilated, King sized bed in the bow and near full sized stand up second cabin. The head and shower in the Port side is enormous for a 32 footer. With ample storage, a great Galley and Settee you will be ready to a long trip or a quick overnight in the islands. Combine along with its diesel heater this boat can be used nearly year round.

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