May 2016 - Featured Articles

Dawes Glacier

Alaska or Bust

Plenty of people dream of cruising to Alaska, but relatively few rise to the challenge. A veteran Alaskan cruiser provides her hard-won tips on preparing for — and enjoying — a trip to the 49th State.

Scalps, Seeds, and Sails

The greater Puget Sound area is rich with maritime history. Learn more about the places and the people that helped shape the future of the country’s greatest cruising grounds.

Suva, by Jan Anderson

The Return of Suva

Historic wooden boats have a way of wending their ways into the soul. Suva — a Puget Sound treasure — is no exception.

Bainbridge Island, Eagle Harbor

Ports of Call: Eagle Harbor

There’s more to Bainbridge Island’s Eagle Harbor for boaters than the boutiques of Winslow Way. Learn about the dockage and anchoring spots, the lay-day attractions, and discover the best après-boating hangs in this charming waterfront playground.

Ask The Experts: Radar

Radar is often a mariner’s best friend on Puget Sound, provided that he or she knows how to properly use it. We ask local expert Greg Allen of Yacht Masters Northwest to give us the inside scoop.