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Update: Arctangent Wasn’t Stolen. (Original title, “Stolen WA Boat Found! – in Florida?!”

by Kurt Hoehne

Update: It turns out that the missing vessel Arctangent was not stolen. The owner, Matt Nelson, moved the vessel to Florida. Our apologies to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. –Kurt Hoehne


Remember when we posted a callout for help finding the missing vessel Arctangent? Well, it worked in dramatic fashion.

Alert reader Ryan Steele tells the story:

While vacationing at my Aunt’s in Freeport Florida, she mentioned that there was an abandoned sailboat anchored in the middle of the LaGrange Bayou in Freeport Florida. Today, I kayaked over to the sailboat and took a couple of photos of the sailboat. I happened to search in Google for the sailboat’s name “Arctangent” and came across your article. I have attached some photos that I took, and it matches the photo in the article. The coordinates I have are 30.458700, -86.156203 on Arctangent’s location. It is kind of strange to us seeing an abandoned sailboat from Washington State, so it has been a little mystery around these parts. My Aunt said that the boat has been here since the beginning of July, 2014. Please let me know either way if you have already been notified or not. 

By the looks of things, and the timing, it looks as though Arctangent was hauled and shipped to Florida, where she was relaunched sans spars.

Fear not, we’re on the trail of just how this came to be. Good job, Ryan! And to the culprits, note that there’s no place to hide from the nwyachting.com posse!

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Arctangent at anchor on the LaGrange Bayou.
Arctangent's stern.
Not much care was taken to hide her identity!
Arctangent previously in Washington waters.

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