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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by NWY Staff

‘Tis the season of gift wrap and ribbon. Boaters, perhaps more than most groups, have chronically long wish lists, and the holidays are a great time to spread the smiles to the boaters in your life who matter to you.

There’s a secret bonus to giving boaters gifts as well, for the odds are that you’ll get to try that new fishing rod or electronic gizmo the next time you’re out on the water with friends-turned-guinea pigs. Boating gear is the gift that keeps on giving, after all.

There exists a daunting array of products aimed at the salt life, and they are certainly not created equal. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this Holiday Gift Guide of a few of our favorite products on the market. Some of these products are new gear that will prepare you for the worst the sea can dish out, while others are nautical-themed goodies aimed at the weekend warriors and supportive landlubbers we associate with.

Whoever is on your Nice List and however you choose to celebrate the holidays, we offer you this array of potential gifts because we’ve got your back. Have a joyous holiday season, and we wish you many days of safe fun on the water. Throughout December, you can also check out featured products on the main section of our website.

TRIbella Classic Wine Aerator

Tribella Wine Aerator

A glass of Oregon Pinot Noir on a boat is about as Northwest yachting as it gets. Most of us take a “fake it until you make it” approach to wine lingo, but we all toast our glasses just the same over the salon table. Regardless, it is nice to up your game a bit when the in-laws are in town, and Tribella’s Classic Wine Aerator is there for you.

Tribella’s stainless steel wine aerator features a multi-stream design that aerates the wine straight out of the bottle as you pour. Have you ever been to a wine tasting and been told to wait while the newly opened bottle “breathes”? Well, this aerator’s purpose is to do just that while you pour. The triple-stream design lets in the maximum amount of air to unleash the full aroma and flavor of the wine during the pour.

It also helps that the wine aerator is an elegant device built to last with a polycarbonate base and rubber gasket. The aerator comes with a protective carrying case for easy transport on and off the water. If wine is your scene, setting the stage is just a purchase away. Available from Fisheries Supply for $40.00.

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