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2017 B.C. Marine Parks Guide

by Lara Roche-Sudar

B.C. Park Guide 2017

The month of May, the beginning of peak cruising season, is upon us as we present this British Columbia Marine Park Guide, the latest installment of our annual guide series. Although we at Northwest Yachting take great pride in our Washington and Oregon roots, we have nothing but love for our neighbors to the north and their amazing cruising opportunities. This guide gives you a fresh look at the lovely marine parks of British Columbia, Canada. We’ve updated and improved our annual guide and hope that our readers will have a chance to venture out to some of these lovely parks in the very near future.

As always, please use this guide as a reference in conjunction with official navigation equipment, maps, and the remarkably comprehensive B.C. Parks website (www2.gov.bc.ca) for planning your travels. As the national motto of Canada goes, “A Mariusque ad Mare” (From Sea to Sea) to you and your vessel. Happy sailing!

2017 British Columbia Marine Park Guide

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