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2018 Washington Parks Guide

by NWY Staff

Spring is officially here, and so begins the boating season for most of the Pacific Northwest. Although many of us boat happily here all year round, the occasional snow flurry and temperature flirtation with freezing are not generally welcomed. Now is the perfect time to visit or plan a trip to Washington’s wonderful state parks by boat, the only way to visit some natural prizes such as Sucia Island.

We offer this annual, constantly updated guide every year with the aim to give adventurers the tools they need to plan their communion with nature. Whether the goal is extended cruising or just a weekend, knowledge is power, and knowing what to expect can be the difference between a wonderful trip or a stressful survival epic.

One thing you may expect is to show your Discover Pass at state parks, so make sure you have one onboard. Buy an annual pass online for a mere $35 at discoverpass.wa.gov. Stay legal and support the state park system.

As always, this guide is meant to supplement your navigational materials, not replace them. We’re keen for feedback, especially from those who’ve done it all and want to share their invaluable local knowledge. The official Washington State Parks website (parks.wa.gov) is also a great resource. Have a great trip!

2018 Washington Parks Guide

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