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Marine Parks Guide

2019 Washington
Marine Parks Guide

by NWY Staff

Washington Marine Parks Guide 2019

WWe often forget just how lucky we are to boat in the Pacific Northwest; our deep waters, countless green islands, and hidden coves are envied by many who come from all over the world to cruise for a few days on the waters we call home.

And what better way to celebrate the natural beauty of our local waters than to get out there? In that spirit we proudly present our updated annual Washington Marine Parks Guide.

This guide highlights many spots all over the state that can only be reached by boat. For most, the feeling of adventure when pulling into a new harbor is why they got a boat in the first place. The information in this guide is meant to help turn these expeditions into success stories.

Note that Washington’s Discover Pass for state parks does not cover moorage fees. Annual moorage permits for state parks that charge a moorage fee can be obtained at those state marine parks, the State Parks’ headquarters in Olympia, and in the northwest regional office in Burlington.

Remember that this guide is meant to supplement your navigational materials, not replace them. We’re keen for feedback, especially from those who’ve done it all and want to share their invaluable local knowledge. The official Washington State Parks website (parks.wa.gov) is also a great resource. Have a great trip!

Washington Marine Parks Guide 2019

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