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2020 Rendezvous Roundup

by Evin Moore

BBoaters, start your engines! If you’re reading this article, it means that the long-awaited glory of the Pacific Northwest summer is upon us. But this time of year is not just about the sunshine, it’s also when just about every boat builder, brokerage, and enthusiast group goes all out with their annual rendezvous.

What makes a boat rendezvous unique? The obvious boat rally element is just the start. Potlucks, barbeques, breakfasts, and even cooking classes tend to add a culinary layer. Boaters tend to gather in special places like an island or picturesque small town, making the experience part travelogue. Many rendezvous have informational seminars and even company reps present, adding a boat show dimension to it all. Best of all are the bonds made and strengthened with your fellow birds of a feather, often over live music or with an energetic theme.

NOTE: This list was compiled in February, 2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to state, national and international bans affecting travel and group gatherings, some of these events may be postponed or cancelled. Please check with rendezvous coordinators directly to confirm events details. If you are a rendezvous organizer, please send event information or updates to editorial@nwyachting.com and we will update this list accordingly.

2020 Rendezvous Roundup

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