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-3 Gusting to 0, A Fine Day for Portraits

by Jan Anderson

The Constellation Crew

Okay, okay, so SOME days simply aren’t blessed with breeze, as we all know, and Saturday’s rendition of this annual battle was one of them. One could argue, however, that even without wind, this was one knock-down drag-out gorgeous day to be on the water. Hard to imagine, but I actually believe we experienced negative wind today, -3 knots with gusts to zero. Couple that with a frisky ebb current, and there’s your recipe for abandonment. Mocha and I sure enjoyed visiting a variety of the boats while waiting for the start, though, so we did manage to gather some fresh crew portraits.

Double Take making use of a "gust."

Double Take making use of a “gust.”

Some folks appeared more fresh than others, but isn’t that so in life, too? Hey, enjoy these photos as best as you can – they’re what we shot, and until we once again get breeze, all we got.

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