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520 Bridge Update, Arboretum Area still Accessible But Caution Advised

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Seattle area’s Lake Washington boaters should keep close tabs on the 520 bridge construction process. In the coming months and in fact years, access to certain areas is going to be limited or non existent. We’ll be running updates on these pages, but have the hotline number (206-708-4657) handy, and the website bookmarked.

Here’s their most recent update:


As construction crews begin work on the new West Approach Bridge North, our work in and around the Arboretum will require periodic trail closures and put some areas off limits for kayakers and other boaters.

Beginning as soon as Monday, Oct. 13, crews will begin conducting on-lake construction activities near the Montlake shoreline and the Arboretum in Seattle (see attached map). The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and its contractor, Flatiron Inc., will begin installing large cranes and other waterborne construction equipment that will limit water access under SR 520 near the Arboretum.

Boaters, kayakers and other small-watercraft operators should use caution when navigating near the construction zone. Access to this area will become fully restricted as construction progresses; these restrictions will stay in place until construction is complete in 2017.

During construction, many of the boat hand-launch areas will remain open, but we recommend using the launches at the Arboretum or the University of Washington’s Waterfront Activities Center. Both facilities provide access to nearby waterways and vehicle parking. If you are unsure which boat launch to use, see the attached graphic and/or contact our construction hotline at 206-708-4657.

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