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by Kate Calamusa
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Brown Yachts
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Brown Yachts

Interview by Kate Calamusa / Photos Courtesy of Jeff Brown Yachts

NWY: Jeff Brown Yachts is the exclusive dealer for many top-tier brands here in the Northwest, from Axopar and Brabus to Sirena and Pardo. What are a few of your favorite current models from these brands, and why?

TC: That’s a tough question, almost along the lines of asking me to pick a favorite child! In no particular order: From Sirena, I really like the 58. It’s a great build for the PNW, perfect for those weekend- or week-long trips to the Islands or cruising the Inside Passage. Pardo builds a number of very attractive yachts, by far my favorite is the GT52. Fully enclosed with plenty of deck space for entertaining. Whether it’s galley up or galley down, it offers versatility in design to meet the individual needs of its owner. Axopar is the ideal Northwest boat and the 37 is perfect. Comfortable, fast, nimble, roomy, and an absolute blast to be at the helm of. The 37 will make short work of your trips around the Puget Sound. The Brabus Shadow 900 XC Black Ops is the boat to be seen in. Until you see one in person, it’s hard to describe how well made these boats are. The fit and finish is remarkable. 

NWY: What advice would you have for a first-time boat buyer? Which of your vessels do you think would make a stellar purchase for someone just getting into cruising?

TC: The main question is: What do they plan on doing with the boat, and what will it be used for? Whether it’s spending time on the lake, taking day trips, overnight trips, weekend excursions, etc., once they establish that, then they can work backwards from there. Apart from picking a particular brand, it’s always good to know what features you want and need on your new purchase. How often will you really use that galley? How likely are you to spend a night on your new purchase? I encourage first-time buyers to consult with existing owners that own boats similar in size that they are considering. Learning from others experiences, really is priceless. For new boat owners (and existing), I would recommend the Axopar 28. It’s manageable in size, yet versatile enough to get you out exploring our beautiful waters. Want to spend a day on the lake or cruise up to Friday Harbor for the weekend? The Axopar 28 is an ideal boat for such! It really is all smiles when you’re at the helm of one.

NWY: How does the buying experience differ at a boutique firm such as JBY as opposed to a more traditional firm? What are the advantages for a buyer?

TC: We love to have fun. All JBY Sales Professionals have an extreme passion for being out on the water. From either being Captains, owning vessels, or coming from chartering backgrounds ourselves, we all share in the excitement. From the first contact you have with one of our Sales Professionals, all the way through to helping you with a warranty issue. That single point of contact is something you can count on.

Buying a vessel should be an enjoyable experience. We regularly hold events that involve potential buyers and those that have already stepped into ownership. It may be a Friday evening “Docks after Dark” event, Saturday demo days, a poker run or something a little more adventurous. Last summer, we held an Axopar Brabus Northwest Adventure. This five-day event left our Seattle office with stops in Poulsbo, San Juan Island, and then traveled up into British Columbia, stopping at Salt Spring Island, and finally landing at West Coast Wilderness Lodge. We had the pleasure of Axopar CEO Jan-Erik joining us, along with JBY leaders Jeff and Karen Brown. There are plans to do more adventures and keep the excitement motoring along!

NWY: What are a few of the benefits of listing a brokerage vessel with you and the team at Jeff Brown Yachts? What particular expertise do you bring to the table in that arena?

TC: On top of having an extensively knowledgeable Sales Team that thrives in being professional, focused, and genuine, we are a full service brokerage. Whether that is working with the JBY Yacht Services Team to help the seller get their yachts ready to sell, or utilizing our in-house media team to promote maximum value for their vessel. We treat each brokerage listing as if they were our own, always making sure our clients have the absolute best opportunity to sell. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to listing potential. Also, personally having purchased and sold my fair share of vessels over the years, it has helped me to have a broad understanding from the buyer’s perspective. I’ve fought my fair share of negotiating battles throughout the years and coming out successful for sellers. I believe that skill set is an invaluable service that our brokerage clients have at their disposal and that I’m happy to share.

NWY: As the new sales manager for the Seattle office, what do you think readers might be surprised to learn about this particular outpost of JBY?

TC: The biggest thing that most people don’t fully realize is the number of brands we stock and sell. JBY is the West Coast’s exclusive dealer for Sirena Yachts, Pardo Yachts, Pearl Yachts, Y Yachts, Brabus Marine, and of course, Axopar. From the Pearl 95 to the Sirena 88 all the way down to an Axopar 22, we have the client covered. All our brands are absolutely stunning in design and craftsmanship and it really is a privilege to represent such brands. Jeff (Brown) has done an incredible job curating all the brands that we represent. We truly are a bespoke yacht brokerage and yacht sales.

Tommy Casias
Tommy Casias

About the Expert: I’m one of those rare ones that was born and raised in Seattle and still call it home. I grew up being on the water and have always had a love for all things nautical. It was just a matter of time before I found the perfect fit career wise. Early on I started off in construction management.  Then I got the entrepreneurial bug and was able to start a few companies along the way. I was then fortunate enough to land a Sales role with a local Seattle startup which further ignited my growing interest in sales. Continuing working in tech sales, I was able to move into a few leadership roles. Finding the opportunity to help lead and grow the JBY Seattle office was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It’s been a perfect marriage of my sales leadership background and my slight obsession with boating. Essentially, I am selling fun and a lifetime of memories to families: how rewarding is that? Very! Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I enjoy working with the amazing team of true professionals across all of the Jeff Brown Yachts offices. It truly is a great place to call home. For more information on Jeff Brown Yachts, go to: jeffbrownyachts.com.

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