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The Big Split, and 60 mile gain in 10 hours!

by Kurt Hoehne

Racers, Routers and Risk Takers brace yourselves.

The Volvo Ocean Race just got interesting. It’s been exciting with close finishes, and it’s been dramatic with a boat getting its bottom ripped off putting its crew in mortal danger. But what’s going on right now as the boats leave the South China Sea and enter the Pacific is downright interesting. Team Brunel and Team SCA (the “girls”) headed north, almost completely the opposite direction of the leg finish in Auckland. The move will cost them 300 or so miles, but gain them better winds and, very possibly, a cleaner transit of the upcoming equatorial light spots. So, far, it seems to be working.

This three minute video captures a snapshot of the unease, both of the two bold teams and the four that may only be sailing for third place the rest of the race.

Go Brunel, and go The Girls! In about 10 hours they already made up 60 of the miles they gave away to get north.

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