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Boats Afloat Show Returns

by Evin Moore

Boats AfloatThe Seattle Boats Afloat Show is returning September 12-15 to Chandler’s Cove on South Lake Union. Considered the largest in-water boat show on the West Coast, this year’s show is projected to showcase over 225 vessels, with tours of boats of all sizes and brands. Besides the boats, industry professionals representing boating electronics, loans, insurance, and gear will be on hand to answer any questions.

The show is hosted by the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association (NYBA), a non-profit organization that was formed to protect the standards of the marine industry and to create ethical guidelines for yacht brokers in the area. The association is comprised of hundreds of brokers, dealers, and professionals in related industries. Besides its interest in business standards, NYBA contributes to marine youth organizations, education programs, and boat shows to raise public interest in boating and create a safe boating community. The Boats Afloat Show is part of this effort, as is the Seattle Boat Show, which NYBA jointly produces with the Northwest Marine Trade Association.

While the show is returning to Chandler’s Cove this year, there are some questions about how many more years that will be the case. Vulcan Real Estate has owned waterfront property that includes Daniel’s Broiler since 1999 and have recently released notices that they plan to demolish Daniel’s Broiler and replace it with a 50,000 square-foot building and replace Chandler’s Cove with several 30,000 square-foot building. Vulcan has stated in press releases that they want to create destination that houses a mixture of new and current tenants. “All I know is this summer they will start designing the redevelopment” said a yacht broker in an interview with Puget Sound Business Journal.

Vulcan is still in the designing phase and will work on finalizing plans while they wait for permits, a process that can take several years. Vulcan has made it clear to the businesses on site that they wish to retain current tenants, although previous notices have stated that tenants will have to relocate temporarily during construction. It is likely that the Boats Afloat show will have to find a new home, at least while construction is taking place. There are currently no set dates for when construction will begin or end.

Attendees can take advantage of adult sailing lessons, the perfect jumping-off point for anyone who has ever wanted to try sailing. Kids can stop by the toy boat building station, hosted by a crew from the Center for Wooden Boats, and use traditional tools to build their own miniature wood boat. After that, everyone in the family can take a free boat ride around Lake Union.

Show goers from out of town can take advantage of hotel discounts through the show’s website. The show is open 1100 hours to 1800 hours on Thursday and Friday, and 1000 hours to 1800 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Chandler’s Cove is located at 901 Fairview Ave N. Seattle, WA. Visit the show website at Boats Afloat to find out more.

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