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by Eva Seelye

Seminars for Boaters and Aspiring Boaters Alike


Students learning about diesel engines the best way, hands-on!


Boating isn’t always an easy cruise, so Waggoner Cruising Guide has teamed up with Skagit Valley College to further your boating knowledge. They are offering a series of boat-related classes to men and women every second week of the month to encourage boating engagement and education. Develop your skills further or learn something brand new at each unique course from equipment how-to’s and weather workshops to destination seminars and instruction in DIY techniques. This month offers two class options for a fee of $45. The first seminar is designed to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your outboard engine.

Skagit Valley College instructor Matt Mardesich will touch on oil changes, fuel care and handling, lower unit testing, water pump impeller replacement, electrical systems, routine maintenance and tune-up, and winterization in this three-hour course. The class starts at 1300 hours on March 10.

Discover the full capabilities your marine radar at the second seminar of the month on March 11 at 0900 hours. In addition to learning marine radar basics, Mark Bunzel (editor and publisher of Waggoner Cruising Guide) will also cover the new digital radar technologies and their abilities, how to use your digital marine radar system while underway, and how to interpret the screen display while correlating it to navigational charts, the surrounding area, and other vessels nearby.


It’s important to note that this is Part 2 of a two-part course, but if you missed the first, don’t fret! Mark will begin with a review of the capabilities of the newly available digital radar systems as well as the additional information integrated into these new radar systems.

Each seminar is held at the NW Center for Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology in Anacortes, Wash. March’s Cruiser’s College Seminars require a fee of $45. See the Waggoner Guide’s website at waggonerguide.com for seminars through May.

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