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by Norris Comer

Fireworks on the water We at Northwest Yachting absolutely love the Pacific Northwest marine and boating scene; the people, industry, environment, culture, and more. We love it so much, in fact, we produce this giant magazine every month for a living. Part love song, part immortal tribute, we take great pride in what we do and always strive to give the hardworking (and hard playing) the recognition they deserve. If a good deed is done in a boatyard and nobody is around to see it, does it make a sound? If we have our way, that good deed will roar with the power of one million horsepower!

It is in the spirit of recognizing merit that we announce our first ever Northwest Marine Champion Awards. This award series is meant to give credit where credit is due in the areas of the marine industry, education, and just plain good folks (and even a furry first mate). The methodology is simple.

We are accepting nominations from you, the readers, for the categories listed below until Friday, December 14. Send your nominations in a cover letter with your most persuasive case via email to editorial@nwyachting.com.

It is vital that you include details, a story for us to sink our teeth into and be inspired by. Our team here at Northwest Yachting will then review the nominations and select winners based upon
the strength of their case. Subjective? Surely. Fair? We are but mortals, but that’s our creed.

Take a moment or two to review the award categories below and reflect on who in your boating life deserves recognition. Notice that none of these are the “best” of anything.

This is meant to be less of a winner-take-all affair and more of a community celebration for the kind of people we should emulate. The winners will be announced in the January issue, just in time for the Seattle Boat Show limelight. Is a party in order? Perhaps, stay tuned on that one.

Drumroll, please! The categories:

Outstanding New Yacht Brokerage:

This category is recognition for a yacht brokerage founded within the last two years for outstanding customer service, business practices, and all-around excellence. The “new guys” often need recognition the most, let’s give it to them.

Promising New Yacht Broker:

Breaking into the yacht brokerage business can be an uphill climb. This award seeks to recognize the outstanding work of a promising yacht broker who has hit the ground running within the last two years. Promising new talent? Yes, please!

Exemplary Marina Manager:

Managing a marina can be a thankless business. The best-run marina is generally something taken for granted, but it’s the result of hard behind-the-scenes work. This award recognizes a marina manager who goes above and beyond the job to facilitate the best possible boating experience for his or her tenants. We salute you!

Terrific Boatyard Employee:

Those who work in boatyards tend to get up early and come home late, covered in paint no less. These hardworking folks have devoted their lives to make what we like to do possible. It is in the spirit of gratitude that we offer this recognition for a boatyard employee who demonstrates incredible knowledge, takes deadlines seriously, and has mastery of their craft.

Active Yacht Club:

Some yacht clubs just never sit still. Year-round, these boat fanatics host cruising rallies, regattas, and club-based seminars, get involved with the community, and more. Regardless of membership size, these folks strive to be the best boaters they can be and are always scheming the next grand day out on the water. This club leads from the front, and we love it!

Excellence in Industry Education:

The maritime industry is a central part of the Pacific Northwest’s identity and is made possible thanks to the tireless work of education organizations dedicated to providing promising opportunity to our region’s youth and workforce. This award recognizes the outstanding work of an educational organization or individual who is our champion when it counts the most.

Outstanding Environmental Leadership:

Dr. Seuss’ Lorax speaks for the trees, and so does the recipient of this award. Boaters in the Northwest care about the local waterways, in fact, we’re obsessed with them. That’s why we boat! This award recognizes a local champion of our waterways, and it’s thanks to their good work that our beautiful Pacific Northwest will be enjoyed for the generations to come.

Adventurous Soul:

We all know that guy/gal who pulled off that epic boat trip of a lifetime. Rounding the globe or going to Alaska and back five times in one summer can be an all-too quiet victory. Well, we seek to change that with this recognition for the adventurous souls among us. We need them in our lives, if only to set the bar of what is possible with a sound boat and horizon chasing mentality.

Weekend Warrior:

Some boaters just don’t stay at the dock. They don’t know the meaning of the word winterize and don’t let a little rain (or sleet) scare them off from their time on the water. We pay tribute to these weekend warriors with this award. Nothing motivates us to get out there than talking to a weekend warrior who is all smiles and full of stories. Great work!

Exemplary Racing Program:

Racing isn’t all about times and placings. It’s also about the culture, introducing people to sailing, and fun! This award recognizes the outstanding work of a racing program that not only kicks butt on the course but also exemplifies the best qualities of a racing program: openness to newcomers, upstanding conduct, community involvement, and so much more.

Beloved Chief Cook/Mixologist:

What makes a day on the water great? Having someone aboard who steps up to the role of Chief Cook! This award salutes the good work of that friend aboard who dominates the galley and elevates a simple boat trip into a culinary highlight. This person knows exactly what to do with whatever comes in on the line or pot and can do wonders with a two-burner stovetop.

Consummate Mentor:

Every boater starts with a mentor of some kind, whether that be our families or the old salt in the slip next to our first boat. This important award gives credit to the boater among us who has embraced the role of mentor, making the world a better place by making those around him/her better boaters.

Supreme Boat Name:

Have you seen a clever boat name recently? Part art, part science, a great boat name is worthy of celebration, and that’s just what this award is for. Humor, wit, and meaning will be weighed equally in our highly sophisticated formula.

Furry First Mate:

Do you know a pet who loves boating even more than his or her people? Now’s the time to give Fido, the boat obsessed dog, formal recognition.

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