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GHHS Announces New Maritime Program

by Eva Seelye

Lady WashingtonThe Grays Harbor Historical Seaport (GHHS), home to Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, is excited to announce the latest addition to their maritime educational experiences: The Explorers Trunk. This trunk is a distance learning platform designed for second-, third-, and fourth-graders who can’t quite make it out to see the Lady Washington or Hawaiian Chieftain when in port.

GHHS understands the challenges many teachers and schools face when trying to book a trip to either ship, whether it’s due to financial constraints, time conflicts, travel limitations, or they are simply unable to snag a time slot due to high demand. So, they came up with this digital learning platform that covers the same maritime history topics introduced in the Voyage of Explorers fieldtrip with an at-home, remote twist made for the classroom. Now, children can learn valuable maritime and Pacific Northwest history from the comfort of their desks.

The Explorer’s Trunks covers four lessons that parallel a few of the onboard lessons: why did Americans sail to the Pacific Northwest; how did sailors know where they were going; how did people live on a ship; and what did sailors do for fun? The cost, while yet to be determined, is expected to be lower than the shipboard programs. Orders are set to be filled beginning in fall 2019, so keep an eye on their website (historicalseaport.org).

On a similar current, raise a glass to celebrate Washington’s official ship, the Lady Washington, which turned a whopping 30 years old on March 7. Happy birthday, Lady Washington!

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