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Heading: Inland

by Lori Eastes
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Cruise into a majestic inland empire, explore magnificent waterfalls, and discover winery estates onboard the luxuriously appointed SUMMERTIME II. An experience like no other in yachting, this particular adventure is being offered this September and begins where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean and finishes over 460 miles inland where Washington State abuts the Idaho border. From its source in the Rockies to the trickling falls of Multnomah, the Columbia River serves up some of the Northwest’s most spectacular riverfront scenery. Join us for a leisurely journey through this beautiful waterway: From the wineries of the Columbia Gorge to the rugged surrounds of Snake River, you will find a wealth of breathtaking sights and activities. No matter if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or simply want to take in the beauty of the region, your days will be brimming with opportunity.

Vancouver, WA
Vancouver is the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, with an abundance of geologically diverse landscapes and attractions, ranging from the Columbia River itself to lush forests, rocky coasts, and legendary trails. With its convenient location and plentiful marinas, Vancouver is a popular destination for power boaters and sailors. It is also where your journey will begin. The stunning views of the Columbia Gorge accompany you as you cast off, boasting towering cliffs, old-growth forests, and hidden treasures.

Stevenson, WA
Continuing further south, Stevenson is a great spot to dock and explore. This Washington town features a variety of interesting attractions. The Columbia River Gorge in Washington is a stunning oasis for oenophiles, offering an unparalleled wine touring experience. With over 70 wineries and breathtaking scenery, this is a must-visit destination for any wine lover. Here, you can savor a wide range of vintages from rosés to cabernets to chardonnays, as well as enjoy outdoor concerts, vineyard dinners, and more. There’s nothing quite like sipping a glass of local wine on the riverbanks with the majestic Mount Hood rising in the background; here are a few of our favorite haunts along the Gorge:

  • Le Doubblé Troubblé Wine Co (White Salmon, WA): Pinot Noir is their specialty, but this winery also dabbles in Chardonnay, Merlot, Gewurztraminer, and more.
  • Syncline Winery (Lyle, WA): This beauty, set on the precipice of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, produces Rhone-inspired wines from premium vineyards.
  • Cor Cellar (Lyle, WA): The wines here are made with a gentle hand that produces a lighter  sipper. They are, therefore, intriguing companions for food.
  • Maryhill Winery (Goldendale, WA): Situated on a picturesque cliff, this long-standing favorite provides epic views of Mount Hood as well as some delicious wines.

Hood River, OR
The vibrant city of Hood River located on the Oregon side of the border is the perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious getaway. Take a scenic drive along the historic Columbia River Highway, explore the many hiking trails, or simply relax onboard SUMMERTIME II and take in the sweeping views. With its abundance of natural beauty and diverse attractions, Hood River is an ideal destination along your epic journey.

Richland, WA
Situated southeast of the Cascades, the city of Richland sits at the confluence of the Columbia and Yakima rivers. The area is also known for its amazing views of the Columbia River Valley, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy the sights. Here, you will also find world-class golf courses, art galleries, and museums. Just east of Richland lies Red Mountain—home to some of Washington’s top wineries. Boasting delicious vintages, the wineries of Red Mountain are perfect for sampling some of the region’s best wines; here are a few stars:

  • Avennia (Benton City, WA): Sourcing from acclaimed vineyards and employing traditional cellar techniques, this spot creates wines with a voice.
  • Hedges Family Estates (Benton City, WA): This beloved winery tends to the riches of Red Mountain with a visionary blend of biodynamic farming and time-honored winemaking techniques.
  • Col Solare (Benton City, WA): Col Solare is the partnership between two influential wine producers who are recognized leaders in their respective regions: Tuscany’s Marchesi Antinori and Washington State’s Chateau Ste. Michelle.
  • Fidélitas (Benton City, WA): Fidélitas is faithful to Bordeaux grape varietals, loyal to modern craft winemaking, and true to Red Mountain.

Almota, WA
Heading further east, and you’ll embark on a new journey of the Snake River. This powerful body of water offers some of the best whitewater rafting and kayaking in the region, as well as plenty of fishing and hiking opportunities. The Snake also provides stunning views of the nearby Blue Mountains, providing an unforgettable experience for outdoor lovers near the community of Almota (the historic town flooded in the 1960s during the construction of a dam and is now submerged, but a convenient port now sits in its place). Along your journey you’ll find golden sandy shores imploring you to lounge, relax, and unwind.

Clarkston, WA
The small city of Clarkston lies in the southeastern corner of the state, nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by the rolling hills of the Palouse. The Clarkston Riverfront Park provides a variety of recreational activities like fishing or hiking along the gorgeous waterfront; savor your last moments onboard SUMMERTIME II as you prepare to disembark.

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