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Hit the Books Before the First Beat

by Editor

North U (of North Sails) is once again holding its popular Tactics Seminars in several locations on the West Coast. The Seattle seminar will be held March 22 and the Vancouver, BC one (taught by none other than Northwest Yachting’s own Bruce Hedrick) is on March 14.

This is a great course and is truly the world’s most comprehensive resource on modern sailboat racing tactics. This is an amazing compendium of information with a book written by Bill Gladstone and a CD containing all the course content with way more pictures and film clips that you can ever cover in a one-day class. The great part is you can then review this on your own time and every time you do you’ll learn something new. After all, as you see every time you go out, you never learn it all when it comes to sailboat racing.north-u-2015-seminars

The course basically takes racing and breaks it down into its components. The start, windward leg, mark roundings, downwind leg, leeward mark roundings and upwind to the finish. Applicable rules are discussed. Just remember that North U has entire day course on rules so the instructors really can’t take any “What if” questions.

This year there are new video segments that really give you an excellent view of what happens on the race course and how to anticipate problem areas so you can avoid getting your boat into these situations.

The best way to do this course is for the entire crew to go, and there is very favorable pricing if you decide to do that. Besides, if the entire crew takes the class, you should all be on the same page of the playbook when it comes to tactics and tactical situations.

Highly recommended!

All North U seminars begin at 9:00am with an 8:30am check-in.
February 28
San Francisco, CA
March 1               March 14th
Costa Mesa, CA      Vancouver BC
March 22
Seattle, WA
March 22
San Diego, CA


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