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In Memoriam: Stan Miller

by Norris Comer

Stan Miller, founder of Stan Miller Yachts, passed away on November 17, 2017 at the age of 91. Miller’s life, often defined by family, seafaring, and his brokerage profession, is remembered by the entire team at Stan Miller Yachts, his family and friends, and boating communities across the West Coast.
Stan Miller

Stan Miller, at right, poses with staff at Stan Miller Yachts in 1989.

  Miller founded Stan Miller Sailboats in 1955, but was an avid sailor since the mid-1930s as a young man in Newport Harbor, California before he served in the U.S. Navy. After rejoining civilian life, Miller was off and running with his business, Stan Miller Sailboats & Hardware, which eventually became Stan Miller Yachts. His friend, Lowell North, was busy on the second story of the store developing the now-famous North Sails company. Miller continued to sail, and notably raced his boat Ragtime to two Transpacific Yacht Race wins. Miller retired in 1989 after partnering with Brad Buettner, who now owns the company.

Stan Miller is honored as one of the defining characters of the 20th Century’s West Coast boating world, both as a sailor and industry professional.

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